The Closure of the Fox and Hounds

As you may know, it was a bad night for the village at the Parish Council meeting yesterday.

The progress of the application to Stratford District Council to have the pub listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) was on the agenda. The owners of the Fox and Hounds and a.n.other were present. The Chair explained that the PC had received a response from the District Council. The most significant part of this was that the owners of the pub had responded to the application by declaring that the pub was no longer financially viable and that they would be seeking change of use on it.

The subsequent discussion was fairly one sided with all agreeing to proceed with a ACV. Asked if they would like to say something  all three of the “pub group” declined and just sat there taking notes in handwriting so small I couldn’t read it!  Tom Baker asked the a.n.o if she was their solicitor and she replied that she was a planning consultant. Di Watson asked Steve outright if they intended to reopen the pub and he replied very quietly “Unlikely”. Chairman asked him to repeat and he did so, hopefully this is minuted. At the end of the topic they just got up and walked out.

I’d be happy to join a fighting group but in the meantime I list some contacts to whom we should all write or email to express our disappointment and dismay at the unavoidable closure of a 500 year old pub. Not in any particular order but when contacting anyone I would recommend cc’ing in the Parish Clerk so the parish council has a sizeable file which cannot be ignored.

Janet Pope has already started the ball rolling by emailing  our local ward councillor:

Stephen Gray.
2 Furlong Meadow
Shipston on Stour
CV36 4DL
01608 662673

Also try the leader of Stratford District Council:

Chris Saint
Jasmine Cottage
Shipston on Stour
CV36  4NJ
01608 664048

Our Local MP is:

Nadhim Zahawi
3 Trinity Street
Stratfor4d upon Avon
CV37 6BL

The Parish Clerk:
Janet Pillar
01608 674396

Parish Chairman:

Lynn Mathias
01608 674396

Lynn is also our conduit for letters to the Link magazine Letters for next month’s link should go off today or tomorrow to meet the deadline date.

I also had a chat to Baggie Saunders, landlord of the Horseshoes and the Black Horse in Shipston, who has been drinking in The Fox and Hounds probably for as long as I have. His recommendation Is to contact CAMRA, mentioned by Geoff. He has already emailed the local rep who is a bit of a campaigning firebrand, according to Baggie. He is:

Jim Sargeant

If sending emails I think we should copy our emails not only to the parish clerk but also to one central email rather than copying to everyone every time. Could you set something up on your web site, Charles? Can I also suggest you email any friends you’ve made over the years in the pub to make them aware of what is happening.

Hey ho, I’d normally pop up to the pub for one now, but I can’t.

Peter Watson

I think Peter’s suggestion to set up a central repository to which copies of relevant outgoing correspondence may be sent is very sound. I have created the following email address to which these may be sent:

I’m a member of CAMRA and have been in contact with Jim Sargeant, the local branch and the national office regarding the situation at the Fox and Hounds since the Spring. I have, today, updated each with the developments mentioned here

I will be making changes to the village website to help people to stay informed about what’s happening. Any comments, queries or articles for the Website may be sent to me.

Charles Pearmain