Superfast broadband in Great Wolford – updated & extended information.

BT and other suppliers are now accepting orders for Superfast Broadband connections to customers in Great Woldford.

There are two speeds on offer, 38 Mbit/sec and 76 Mbit/sec. To put this into perspective, until now the speed achievable on ADSL has been between 1 and 5 mbit/sec so the new service will make a huge difference. The speeds I’ve mentioned are for downloaded data – that is information coming down the line to your home. The UPLOAD speeds are also much higher – up to 20Mb. This means that not only will websites, downloaded films, on-demand TV and other services be much faster, the quality of your Skype calls and speed of outgoing email, cloud backups or other outgoing services will be much better too.

BT’s prices start from £7.50 per month (plus your line rental charge) for a 38Mbit service with a 40Gb usage limit up to £30 per month for a 76 Mbit unlimited usage bundle. If you’re unsure about which deal is best for you bear in mind that (with BT) you can upgrade from the slower speed to the faster and from limited to unlimited bundles within the period of your contract but not the other way round. If you choose the 76Mb service from the outset, BT will waive the installation fee.

More details may be found on the BT website HERE Many other operators are offering their own services using BT’s infrastructure (as at present) so you don’t have to sign up to BT.

Users of existing broadband services will see no benefit in speed or reliability unless they upgrade as their lines will still be using the old all-copper infrastructure.

Installation appears to be very simple but if you need assistance with broadband or computer issues do give me a call – Select Systems 01608 650778

Charles Pearmain