Superfast broadband is now available in Great Wolford!

I’m very pleased to tell you that BT are now accepting orders for their Infinity Superfast Broadband service.

There are two speeds on offer, 38 Mbit/sec and 76 Mbit/sec. To put this into perspective, until now the speed range on offer has been between 1 and 5 mbit/sec so the new service will make a huge difference – albeit at a cost. Prices start from £7.50 per month (plus your line rental charge) for a 38Mbit service with a 40Gb usage limit up to £30 per month for a 76 Mbit unlimited usage bundle. More details may be found on the BT website HERE

Other operators will be offering their own service on BT infrastructure (as at present) but it may take a little time for their offers to become available.

Installation appears to be very simple but if you need assistance with broadband or computer issues do give me a call – Select Systems 01608 650778

Charles Pearmain