Free Computer Advice

As villagers may know, I run SELECT SYSTEMS a long-established computer support company serving local business and private users.

Since the recent launch of the latest version of Microsoft Windows I have come to dread the phone call that begins: “I have just upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and now it……”. There then follows a tale of woe that ranges from “My computer won’t boot at all and I don’t have a backup of my data” through “My printer/scanner/camera won’t work” to “I just don’t understand how this version of windows works – I want my old one back“.

While we can usually help out, these problems can be very disruptive and time-consuming to resolve so please, accept this free advice:

Windows 10 is immature, buggy, incompatible with some common hardware and not ready for use on ANY computer that you rely upon. DO NOT UPGRADE YET!

Charles Pearmain