The Fox and Hounds Inn

I have received another email from John Goodwin from which I quote below.


I’m grateful to those who very kindly sent me photographs and articles documenting the historic Fox and Hounds Inn. The Pub clearly holds a very special place in the heart and life of Great Wolford and the surrounding villages.

How sad then it is to see that the new owners have ripped out the characterful old bar and interior and appear to be in the process of replacing it with pale beech-coloured veneered board and MDF. I have to say that this, to me, smacks of little but architectural vandalism and I suspect that many villagers will hold similar views.

Quite what possesses someone to buy an old Pub and imagine that they can ‘improve’ it by destroying the very atmosphere for which it is loved is beyond me. One can only imagine that they’re trying to attract a very different type of clientèle from those that have used the pub in the past. I suppose that only time will tell.

I have to say that I have considerable sympathy with John’s views. The Fox and Hounds was a unique place that encapsulated the history and spirit of the village. Perhaps no longer I fear.